A 3-room house for sale by owner
01.07.2013 11:18

The pair from eastern side London has their own loft available on the market. the actual flat happens to be on the third floor of a seven-floor block of flats. The apartment has been invested in a decade earlier and then coming from this time it has been given an extensive make-over. within you can find three rooms, a cooking area, a rest room along with a lavatory (which are located separately).

The set-up in an condo

the very first room is designed for a bedroom; on the inside there seats up a double bedding along with three cabinets – a pair of more compact near the bed furniture along with a much bigger 1 right next to entry. the next (and the biggest) area is designed for any living room area combined with a dining room. within the room there are a sofa for several people (which can serve as a bed, as well), two armchairs, a family table, a sideboard (that are actually bespoke wardrobes home specifically fitted for the room) and a small home cinema (a big plasma display with a complete set of speakers). At the other area of the place there is a kitchen table along with ergonomic chairs – a set intended for half a dozen persons; the dining room table unfolds. using this room it is possible to step out to the terrace; you'll find handmade wicker family table and 4 patio chairs. On the balcony there's also a modest garden, mostly filled with natural herbs and also with a number of pots with flowers. The third place is adapted to have an office environment with a big bookcase full of brochures along with a table. this particular area may be effortlessly re-adapted for a kid's room. typically the handmade bespoke kitchens is well-found having a vibrant beige handmade home furnishings. This kitchen is in fact somewhat compact, so it had to be complete with a bespoke pieces of furniture to save the right amount of place for 2 persons. the restroom and lavatory are finished with use of comfortable shades, such as beige, brown along with a small amount of orange. In the hall there exists a enormous custom armoire, that easily seats up the whole set of man's and also woman's clothing.



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